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Erin Cloutier - OHMS Guidance
Tel - 207-375-6961
Carrie Colan - OHMS Social Worker
Tel - 207-375-6961

Guidance and Social Work

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  The School Counseling Department is designed for:
  • Short term individual counseling
  • Group counseling (friendship groups, anger management groups, career development groups, family change groups, etc)
  • Collaborate and consult with parents and teachers
  • Classroom guidance
  • Registration of new students
  • Help all students of Oak Hill Middle School be successful!


Carrie Colan -  Social Work

Erin Cloutier - OHMS Guidance Department     

Diane Knowlton - Social Work

Diane holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Goddard College in Vermont, a Bachelor of Arts in Mental Health and an Associate of Arts in Social work both from U-Maine. She is licensed as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC).
Diane has been employed with RSU#4 since 2001.  She provides individual counseling to students at OHMS and OHHS working with regular and special education students. She works with a number of mental health disorders including mood disorders, depression, relational and family problems, learning difficulties, suicidality, and a number of developmental challenges students face throughout school life with a focus on prevention. In addition, she works with students on the autism spectrum and other cognitive disorders. She specializes in doing assessments such as the BASC-II behavior scales, the TSCYC sexual trauma-based assessment, suicide risk and crisis assessments and interventions. As part of a comprehensive wrap around process, Diane is involvement in ongoing clinical case management in collaboration with community providers for referral and consultation for multi-systemic treatment for students with multiple needs.

Blythe Edwards - Spurwink Social Work